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Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship (FTJF) provides biblically based prayer ministry, healing, deliverance and restoration to individuals through personal ministry and spiritual direction in a safe, secure environment.

We minister by the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to all who have problems, especially the victims of childhood and early life abuse, sexual abuse, and those who have had traumatic experiences, suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dissociative Disorders (MPD /DID), those struggling with marital issues or addictive problems. We have worked for years helping people locate and break spiritual strongholds in their lives and provide spiritual direction to those who desire direction.

We offer training and direction in principles of biblical-based, Spirit-directed ministry, techniques of prayer ministry, locating the source of the problem or spiritual strongholds, and tactics for dealing with spiritual interference and bondage.

Our Vision

Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship (FTJF) started over 30 years ago in Ralph and Gloria Gilbert's home with a Friday night fellowship where many received healing and discovered first-hand what the Bible says about healing and deliverance is true. Our vision is to help people find that the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is active and working powerfully today, just as it was in the time Jesus walked on this earth. To help people with early life abuse, sexual abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety, and demonic torment to receive healing and spiritual direction in order to experience the awesome power and connection with the love and grace of God in a very personal way.

FTJF also has a passion to train and empower others to carry out this prayer-healing ministry in their areas of influence to bring hope, healing and connection with the love and grace of God.

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FTJF - About Us Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship is a Holy Spirit guided and empowered ministry using Biblical principles in ministry, healing and spiritual battles. This ministry follows the biblical dictates to bear one another's burdens, disciple those in need of guidance, comfort and heal the wounded hearts and set free those who are spiritually bound or oppressed. The essential components of this ministry are prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance and spiritual direction. The whole person is taken into consideration - body, soul and spirit. Spiritual healing is as important as emotional and physical healing.